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Getting Kids Ready For Social Sport

New year, new gear seems to be the motto every January as parents determine what social sports to enrol their children into after school. But, how do you decide which sport is best? And then how do you get the right gear for the sport? Well, that's where a sporting goods website comes in. You can read posts about different sports, what they teach the kids, what gear you need, and what you can expect your child to gain from the experience. The more research you put into the sport choice for your child, the better the odds your child will stick to that sport for more than one season.


Three things to consider when buying a new cycling jersey

22 January 2020
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When you are going for a gentle cycle ride around your town, then you will be fine wearing your everyday clothes. If you are planning a more serious and energetic cycling endeavour, then you should consider investing in a proper cycling jersey. Wearing a standard t-shirt may be fine for a gentle ride but when you plan to work up a sweat, a cotton t-shirt will absorb all of that sweat, leaving you clammy and uncomfortable for most of your journey. Read More …